Friday, July 13, 2012

Where does the time go....

Well today we have enjoyed the pleasure of helping
 this gorgeous little boy

celebrate his eventful arrival
into our lives.

He is a gorgeous boy with a very wise head.
He loves life ,

He is a real treasure ,
cheeky, funloving,
energetic, inquisitive,
just to mention a few
and we love him to bits!!!

He is loving his first year of school and is thriving
with all the stimulation and opportunities to learn.

Happy 6th Birthday Bear.
Love  you xxxxxx

PS Apologies Ive been gone so long- my familiar technology has gone so now just braving other options. Hope to be blogging lots of creative stuff real soon.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quiet Sunday arvo....

After an exhausting morning
and feeling tired and sorry for myself
decided it was time to make my new pj pants

So I can put them on and relax!!!
Yes I should have ironed them for a photo
but in too much of a hurry to get them on!!

Flannelette was from Spotlight last year when it was 99c per metre.
I stocked up or overstocked depending on your view!
It's come in very handy.

Whilst busy in my sewing space today
 Bear and Moo came in and were busy playing
 with a big tub of beads
 ( required for projects inspired by this clever lady).
PS Cath they are from a car seat cover.
 They started out threading them to make necklaces
Bear decided that wasnt for him
so used them to play marbles..

Love it when the kids are creative in my space!

Friday, May 4, 2012

And now...

This week Bear was off to a Stars Wars party.
Now boys I find are just not as easy to made things for,
so given the birthday boys interest in Star Wars I came up with this... 

A Star Wars pillow case which matches his other bedding.

And on a bright note I'm now able to do a bit of this again

Hooray it feels like a very long time
since my hook and I have been busy
( about 8 weeks but who's counting).

Very keen to get my ripple blanket finished
( its getting very cold) the end is in sight!!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012


A while ago I did a small injury which has resulted in me
 being unable to crochet for a while : (
But I still need a portable project so returned to the stash
 and found this pattern and wool.

 Thought this may be a useful but reasonably quick pattern to ignite my knitting mojo.
It is knitted as one piece with only underarm and side seams to be sewn up
 ( I really like the limited sewing up option!!)

It knitted up quickly and I love the colours.
Most suitable for Moo who surprise, surprise, is a big pink and purple fan.

Once completed she very quickly claimed it would fit her and was keen to wear it.

Dont you love it when they love what you have made them- I certainly do!!

( Excuse the tattoo on the leg - thats what I was asked to take the photo of!)

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Joy of Craft....

Being crafty, creative or whatever you want to call it has many pluses.
You can made great things, meet great people, learn lots of stuff and
have a lot of fun and laughs along the way.
Recently I was reminded of these in a number of ways.
I had the pleasure of meeting a gorgeous lady at our local crafty get together SAY.
We shared many interests and had lots of fun.
She had to move interstate and a few of us girls decided to create something special
to commerate her time with us.
It was decided to do a quilt in her favourite colours.
Now as you may know Im not a quilter and was a little concerned about what I could contribute.
With the help of these clever friends we all made this lovely quilt.
Shes looking keen

 Now shes excited...
And happy!!!!

We all had a great time making it and thought about you alot in the process- wishing you could join us without spoiling the surprise.

Thanks to the girls from whom I learnt lots which gave me the courage to make this.

Check out their blogs also to see more of the action.

Great friends, great fun and great sadness,
look forward to catching up at SIT....

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I did it....

Well its official.....
I can now say I have MADE A QUILT!!!!

I love quilts but feel like I dont have time to get into quilting yet.
 I figure once Moo gets older and isnt as keen on Mum made stuff
 ( I'm hoping she loves it forever but I remember not wanting my mum to make things
and asking for shop bought stuff) then I will have time to get into quilting.

Recently I wanted to make something for a close friends significant birthday and the only thing I could think of was a quilt.
So with the help of some clever friends  I embarked on a quilt.
Here is my finished product!
Im pretty happy with how it turned out
and was tempted to keep it ..
at least to be able to see how much I hopefully improve in years to come.
But.. it was well received and loved by the person for whom it was intended
so I shall just have to enjoy seeing it when I visit.

A big thanks to Mum who finished off the binding as my annoying injury
was not enjoying the hand stitching process.

What have you been up to?
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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Knitting, by default...

A little while ago I rediscovered my love of crochet.
So it has nearly all been crochet for portable projects.
Recently I had a mishap playing sport which has resulted in me
not being able to crochet but I can still knit, albeit a little uncomfortably at times.

This lack of freedom to craft is extremely frustrating.... I have a looong list of things I want to finish, make, start or try and being injured and limited in options does not fit the plan!!!

So finding crochet hurt I tried knitting and it is better so needed a project.

Moo (as nearly always) is going to be the lucky receipient of a red mohair cardigan from this cute vintage pattern book.

 Im not loving knitting it up for some reason and nearly gave up on it but have started to find my rhythm and its better than not having anything to do. Hopefully I will get lots done before I resume crochet otherwise it may become a UFO!!

And the quilt you ask???

Well it has been quilted by machine....and I managed to keep it pretty neat on the back!
(Amazing considering my dolls quilt effort).

Last bit of hand quilting to be finished tommorrow,
then bound and off to its new owner on Saturday. ( If all goes to plan).

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