Thursday, April 26, 2012


A while ago I did a small injury which has resulted in me
 being unable to crochet for a while : (
But I still need a portable project so returned to the stash
 and found this pattern and wool.

 Thought this may be a useful but reasonably quick pattern to ignite my knitting mojo.
It is knitted as one piece with only underarm and side seams to be sewn up
 ( I really like the limited sewing up option!!)

It knitted up quickly and I love the colours.
Most suitable for Moo who surprise, surprise, is a big pink and purple fan.

Once completed she very quickly claimed it would fit her and was keen to wear it.

Dont you love it when they love what you have made them- I certainly do!!

( Excuse the tattoo on the leg - thats what I was asked to take the photo of!)

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  1. Really love this pattern - the finished jumper/sweater looks great :) Hope your thumb gets better soon :)

  2. Thanks it was a good pattern to make up and the thumb is improving just feels like its taking forever!!

  3. ooh it looks superb!fabulous to have it so loved too :D