Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Joy of Craft....

Being crafty, creative or whatever you want to call it has many pluses.
You can made great things, meet great people, learn lots of stuff and
have a lot of fun and laughs along the way.
Recently I was reminded of these in a number of ways.
I had the pleasure of meeting a gorgeous lady at our local crafty get together SAY.
We shared many interests and had lots of fun.
She had to move interstate and a few of us girls decided to create something special
to commerate her time with us.
It was decided to do a quilt in her favourite colours.
Now as you may know Im not a quilter and was a little concerned about what I could contribute.
With the help of these clever friends we all made this lovely quilt.
Shes looking keen

 Now shes excited...
And happy!!!!

We all had a great time making it and thought about you alot in the process- wishing you could join us without spoiling the surprise.

Thanks to the girls from whom I learnt lots which gave me the courage to make this.

Check out their blogs also to see more of the action.

Great friends, great fun and great sadness,
look forward to catching up at SIT....


  1. Wonky stars ... star light star bright! What do you wish for? Well done ....

  2. Oh, Luv! You will never truly know how much it means to me that you 4 gorgeous girls went to such lengths to make me a precious gift that will be treasured forever! I am so thankful for making wonderful friends during my time in Melbourne through our crafty pursuits. I can't believe that Wendy convinced you and Karen to start quilting and I am almost ready to forgive you all for meeting in secret without me! After all it was for a good cause! I will miss dropping over for a BYO latte from the lovely cafe around the corner, not having you and Miss 3 on my next op shopping adventure with G...and just seeing your cheery smile! So sad to say good bye to such wonderful friends...looking forward to having lots of fun with you at SIT real soon! You are a true gem and I'm privileged to call you my friend. Thank you...Cath xxxxx

  3. I followed the link and the comment on the bottom of one of the photos seems to imply only one person from the group is a quilter and for the rest it was a great effort! What a lovely thing to do for a friend