Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here's a first...

Well I decided to make something for the upcoming significant birthday of a close friend and decided on a quilt for the couch.
Only problem with that is I'm not a quilter, love them and interested but just not the time as yet.
Once Moo decides its no longer cool to wear things Mums made
I figure I will have the time to get into quilting....I hope!

So with very little idea ( I've made a dolls quilt but that doesn't help me feel like I know what Im doing)
 I decided a jelly roll quilt may be a good place to start.

Well  so far i have joined all my jelly rolls together...Yay!
( Although I suspect thats the easier bit).
Okay it definitely wasnt square but it certainly wasnt as out as this photo makes it look.
( Note to self check you have a decent photo to post!!)

And using my clever embroidery machine a personal note on the backing.
Okay tommorrow I will attempt putting it all together.
Wish me luck as anything could happen from here!!!

Head over to Our Creative Spaces and see what all the clever people are making.

PS. BIG Thank you to Cath who has come over and helped me improve my blog.
Its gradually growing into itself.....!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monday Magic.

Monday morning I was woken by the excited cries of Bear and Moo
"Mum come and see"
Begrudgingly I got myself out of bed to see this!!!

And some more...

And it was a bright crisp morning.
What a beautiful way to start my week.

Thank you Bear and Moo it was definitely worth getting up for.

NB. Not as much craft going on here and I would like due to a recent injury to my thumb, hopefully I'll be back at it asap!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Welcome to our family...

Yesterday we had the joy of going into the hospital to welcome a new member (niece/cousin) to our extended family. Welcome Charlotte!!!

In anticipation of her arrival I was inspired to make something a bit special. 
Saw this amazing blanket on Lioness Lady and was in love I just had to make one. I also consulted  The Royal Sisters who had a great pattern also.

Decided something this gorgeous needed to be made with something lovely and having a bit of left over Bendigo wool Bendigo it would be!! My mum is up[ that end of the world so put in an sos call to pop in and grab me a range of colours. ( At this point I started to get very excited!!)
When my wool arrived it was great but a lot of purple which was one colour I already had a bit of so whilst I started my blanket camping on our lovely Victorian coastline I decided I would do a small version for the new girl we were all looking forward to.
Here are the beginnings of a blanket for Charlotte.

And here is they finished product.

Very happy with how it all worked out now looking forward to finishing a larger version for us.

Whats got you excited lately??

Monday, March 12, 2012

Marvellous Melbourne....

Yesterday we headed in to Moomba.
What can I say "we had a great day"!
The weather was great, the crowds were manageable ( pays to go in early) and lots for the little people to see do and experience.
 I know I'm biased to the crafty side of life but we ventured over to Art Play. 
That was a great idea!!
They had free workshops making pom poms.
I thought yeah a bit of fun for the kids but wow they had these fantstic plastic gadgets to make pom poms ( I'm probably behind the times I still make them with the cardboard donut shape!!).
They were really easy to use for Bear (5yo DS) and Moo (3yo DD) and a lot quicker. I even spotted the man of the house busily making the one abandoned by Moo!!
The blue and yellow was the work of Bear and he was very pleased with this. I made the pink and white using white wool and cut up strips of pink tulle. Lots of good ideas.

They were also making the lovely tissue paper flowers

Photos dont do them justice.

All in all a lovely way to end a fun family day!!

What new gadgets or shortcuts have you discovered?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Where does a week go...

Okay I'm back with a few photos of my creative space. This is the tidiest its ever been and unlikely to stay like this for long!! So the good old Ikea shelves many more would be great I'm sure I could fill them too. The kids dummy is displaying a hat and a very special slightly damaged lacy type scarf made by my great grandmother.

 Room for the essential iron and ironing board.
Yes there are lots of bits and pieces "stored" at the end of the table and in tubs under the table. Love the old sewing boxes on the floor at the end of the table but Moo ( 3yo ) states she needs these for her things ( and mines not safe from her there) so she keeps her material wool etc in them.

Love my space in the ideal world would have a higher table to cut on (and obviously more storage) but grateful for what I have !!

Hows your creative space? What do you wish for?