Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quiet Sunday arvo....

After an exhausting morning
and feeling tired and sorry for myself
decided it was time to make my new pj pants

So I can put them on and relax!!!
Yes I should have ironed them for a photo
but in too much of a hurry to get them on!!

Flannelette was from Spotlight last year when it was 99c per metre.
I stocked up or overstocked depending on your view!
It's come in very handy.

Whilst busy in my sewing space today
 Bear and Moo came in and were busy playing
 with a big tub of beads
 ( required for projects inspired by this clever lady).
PS Cath they are from a car seat cover.
 They started out threading them to make necklaces
Bear decided that wasnt for him
so used them to play marbles..

Love it when the kids are creative in my space!

Friday, May 4, 2012

And now...

This week Bear was off to a Stars Wars party.
Now boys I find are just not as easy to made things for,
so given the birthday boys interest in Star Wars I came up with this... 

A Star Wars pillow case which matches his other bedding.

And on a bright note I'm now able to do a bit of this again

Hooray it feels like a very long time
since my hook and I have been busy
( about 8 weeks but who's counting).

Very keen to get my ripple blanket finished
( its getting very cold) the end is in sight!!

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