Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quiet Sunday arvo....

After an exhausting morning
and feeling tired and sorry for myself
decided it was time to make my new pj pants

So I can put them on and relax!!!
Yes I should have ironed them for a photo
but in too much of a hurry to get them on!!

Flannelette was from Spotlight last year when it was 99c per metre.
I stocked up or overstocked depending on your view!
It's come in very handy.

Whilst busy in my sewing space today
 Bear and Moo came in and were busy playing
 with a big tub of beads
 ( required for projects inspired by this clever lady).
PS Cath they are from a car seat cover.
 They started out threading them to make necklaces
Bear decided that wasnt for him
so used them to play marbles..

Love it when the kids are creative in my space!


  1. Nice PJ's Judy...will these get a showing on the weekend? I have Louise on the lookout in her travels for a beaded car seat lucky gal! Can't tell you how excited I am about the weekend and catching up with you! I'll be there in time for bubbly and macarons!!!!!!!!

  2. Yay Judy, so gorgeous to meet you this weekend, love Posie

  3. Thanks ladies- just need to get back into the blog swing without my trusty laptop!! Hopefully soon!!

  4. Hey there...tried commenting on Friday but the comment disappeared! I was sitting in a cafe on my own(shock, horror) with a latte in one hand and hook in the other and was thinking of you. Hope all is ok and look fwd to seeing your recent creative pursuits back on here real soon!!!! Come back.....!

  5. Coooooeeeee! Thanks so much for my beaded car seat - JR cut it up into a bucket for me last first he thought I had got it to use in the car...ha,ha! Hope you are well...miss you! C xxx