Friday, February 24, 2012

So here I am....

So here I am with some trepidation , finally getting my blog up and out there. Welcome. I have been contemplating this for over a year and have found many excuses, umm reasons for not getting started not least being my minimal technological skills and seriously that adds up to alot of lost creating time!!
Admittedly I have spent many hours enjoying the creativity and great skills of others in the blogging community being inspired, encouraged and blown away by the ideas, craftsmanship and generosity of others sharing their experiences, knowledge, creativity and wise words.( Along with some great photography and presentation). I have laughed,  cried, smiled, learn't, been challenged, shocked and delighted and enjoyed the rollercoaster ride that life has delivered along with you.

 THANK YOU  THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I can only hope that others will find things which do the same for them here.

Well no longer am I just stalking lots of great blogs (cause I couldnt work out how to reply) but now I'm hopefully able to contribute also to the wonderful community of people blogging away about the things they love.

Above is one of my excuses/ reasons for not doing this earlier...
This is where I used to do all my sewing much to DPs frustration as I over took the study but it also extended to multiple other places such as

Finally the day arrived that our youngest was no longer requiring us close by overnight and a space was vacated which became mine!!!!!!
( Will blog it as soon as I get some photos done.)

Have a great day......