Thursday, April 12, 2012

I did it....

Well its official.....
I can now say I have MADE A QUILT!!!!

I love quilts but feel like I dont have time to get into quilting yet.
 I figure once Moo gets older and isnt as keen on Mum made stuff
 ( I'm hoping she loves it forever but I remember not wanting my mum to make things
and asking for shop bought stuff) then I will have time to get into quilting.

Recently I wanted to make something for a close friends significant birthday and the only thing I could think of was a quilt.
So with the help of some clever friends  I embarked on a quilt.
Here is my finished product!
Im pretty happy with how it turned out
and was tempted to keep it ..
at least to be able to see how much I hopefully improve in years to come.
But.. it was well received and loved by the person for whom it was intended
so I shall just have to enjoy seeing it when I visit.

A big thanks to Mum who finished off the binding as my annoying injury
was not enjoying the hand stitching process.

What have you been up to?
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  1. awesome quilt for a first timer :) so glad your friend was pleased with her gift :)

  2. Well done to the non-quilter!!
    Seams a few of us have been branching out of our comfort zones!!
    Good on you!

  3. whoa! that looks fabulous!
    i meant to ask you how it was going last night but had i been up to date with my blog reading, i would have already known!
    hope the birthday friend loved it!!

  4. Thanks girls yes it was well received and Im glad I went the effort for her.As scary as that was!!